My “Appearance” on @KatieCouric

I got the chance last week to skype in to an interview between Katie Couric and Kathryn (Kitty) Stockett, author of The Help.  Katie needed book club members who had read the book to talk to the author and ask questions.  I joined three other women at Politics & Prose bookstore in DC (the best!), and we joined Katie and Kitty in the New York studio and four other women out of Columbus, Ohio.  We virtually connected.  Here’s the show:;featuredPost-PE

I get to ask my question at 27:12 on the taping (and even get to admit that I needed to wipe my nose on my clothing!).

I wrote my Masters thesis on the topic of the relationship between white children and black women who cared for them as maids in the South, in fact, fiction and film.  I did interviews with white and black women, and it was a labor of love, dedicated to Mattie Burson who cared for me when I was a child in Atlanta, born in 1960.

I wrote about this book several weeks ago ( )… and the best compliment I can give it is that I’m disappointed that I didn’t write it myself.  But I wouldn’t have been able to do it.  Kathryn Stockett really wrote a nuanced and true book.  At least from the white perspective.

This subject deserves 300 pages, at least, of analysis, and this isn’t the place for it… but I admire what Stockett has done. And it makes me happy that this book is out there.  And it helps me, in a new way, pay tribute to Mattie and say, “this relationship mattered.”

~ by Cary on March 2, 2010.

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  2. T Lad always speaks with great fondness of his memories of Sadie (I hope I have recalled her name correctly) and the love he shared with her as his care-giver “nurse”, I believe is the term he mentioned. I only met “Bernice” who was in employ when I arrived on the scene as the ‘new, young wife’. She is a love and I still stay in contact three decades later. It is a special loving relationship, hard to put into words here in the NE where it is derided. So desire to be loving and respectful. Look forward to reading your blog on it and watching the interview. How cool is that for you??

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