Second Life Right Now

I just heard about the online game, Second Life.  Or I guess it’s more of an online world.  Wherein you can create an avatar, meet people, live lives that you’re not living in real life (whatever that is, if there’s a second life happening simultaneously).

And I’m intrigued.  Granted I’m a little leery of creating an avatar with large breasts, small waist, raven hair (and then feeling inadequate that she is not me).  So I’m probably not gonna do it.

Yet I was thinking about how I already live a second life here on earth; forget the internet.

I have a habit (bad?  good?) of planning things for the person I wish I were.  And then I have to live it out.  And I grow.  For example the time I planned a trip for our family to tour Vietnam before there was much infrastructure for tourism. Including a planned night sleeping on a beach.  I was excited until I heard that there are 13,000 species of snakes in Vietnam.  I’m not a snake fan.  Yet we did the trip, we had some adventures.  I didn’t exactly become the person I wish I were, but I took a trip designed for the person I wish I were.  And survived it (and enjoyed it).

I have an image of myself as I wish I were.  It includes line-dancing and being coordinated; it includes cowboy boots and a sense of fashion that could include them without looking like, well, a cowgirl.

I have an image of myself as 20 years younger than I am (I don’t want to BE younger, but I FEEL that way).  I have an image of myself singing and looking like Zooey Deschanel.  I have an image of myself as carefree, risk-averse, and loving God and people boldly.

So even if only in the cracks between dreams, the skinny imaginings of what could be, I’m living a second life.  And loving both that life and the one that I most inhabit.

~ by Cary on March 23, 2010.

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