The Influence of Pearl Fryar: Topiary Bringing Joy

Geometry in Motion

Many of you have seen the movie, A Man Named Pearl.  If you haven’t, do.  It’s about a man who had no idea of the limitations of topiary art, so he just started pruning and hacking and created a kingdom to behold.  Check it out here:

But better yet, hie thee down to Bishopville, South Carolina, as I did this weekend, and check out Pearl’s yard yourself.  It was positively inspiring, especially for fans of Dr. Seuss.  I don’t know that Pearl claims any inspiration of Dr. Seuss, but the whole place looked like a lorax is probably in residence.

You can tour Pearl’s gardens (and maybe even meet the man himself; there’s always next time for me for that) if you go Tuesday through Saturday, 10 to 4.  And it’s just off the interstate, I-20.  Pearl’s website even directs you right there,,  pointing out landmarks along the way (including the Waffle House featured in the movie, where Pearl and his bride eat most days in exchange for him having worked topiary magic in the parking lot).

Pearl's Magic at the Waffle House

For now, you can enjoy what I saw.  One or two of these might even be at Pearl’s neighbors’ homes (I was snapping right and left with my trusty camera).  The great thing is when the other folks on Broad Acres Road saw Pearl’s dexterity with a chainsaw, they all wanted lessons.  And now the whole street is geometrically inspiring.


Home of a Master Inspirer

Check out the fish bone structure in the back and the knobby branches at right.

This is my latest advertisement for hitting the road.  Who knows what’s just off the highway?

~ by Cary on March 29, 2010.

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