Inaugurating “Stranger of the Week” Feature

“Stranger danger” is not relevant to me.  Oh sure, I’d avoid running off with someone I don’t know who asked me to join a cult or threatened me with a weapon.  But short of that, I love meeting new people and often get involved in conversation quicker and for longer than most of my companions would generally choose.

So I decided that in honor of all the cool people I meet in my daily wanderings, I should inaugurate a “stranger of the week” feature on this blog, to acknowledge the interconnectedness of the universe, of all of our pathways seemingly randomly overlapping but — I believe — all being part of God’s providence.

I fully expect in heaven that we will say to people, “Oh wait, you’re the stewardess from Airtran who gave me a Tootsie Roll as an award in 2009” (true story) or “Didn’t I sit by you on the subway on the way to Lollapalooza in DC in 1995?”

So in that vein, I’d like to introduce TJ, my first stranger of the week.  He gave me and my dinner companions free t-shirts for a tater-tot eating contest after I revealed my deep love of “tots” and the fact that I’d once written a serious article about them (journalistic standards and all).  He was funny, kind and probably not someone I would have known otherwise.  The perfect stranger encounter.

TJ the Tater Tot Guy

~ by Cary on April 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “Inaugurating “Stranger of the Week” Feature”

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  2. […] Trish is a talented writer and cool woman.  I met her at the Festival of Faith & Writing this spring.  We drank martinis, talked about books and met a guy who gave us Tater Tot shirts.  But that’s another story that’s already been told. […]

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