Weird and Wacky Road Trip Observations

I’m always touting my road trip obsession.    You too should hit the road.  There’s so much to see, do and learn.  On last week’s trip to Indiana and Michigan, here were some highlights:

A Blizzard for you, my Swiss Miss?

Danke for the Chicken Selects

  • A town called Berne, Indiana where many buildings are Swiss-themed
  • An establishment called “The Butt Hut” (took me a while to figure out that they are purveyors of smokes)
  • A billboard for “Affordable Bankruptcy”
  • Hearing about a church with a slogan of “You Should Come; It’s Not that Bad” (House of Mercy, St. Paul, MN)
  • A lady complaining at a hotel desk “Your pool chemicals aggravated all three of our open wounds.”  Hmmm…which is the bigger problem, chlorine or open wounds?
  • A stripper bar illustrated with a banner of Clydesdales (I don’t get it; I don’t think it was Budweiser!)
  • A mobile home stuck in an intersection (too wide for the turn)
  • The incongruousness of a bar called “Luau Manor” in Wheeling, WV
  • I don’t look so great in a Sheetz bathroom mirror after 15 hours on the road, looking at myself through a sign that says, “Employees Must Wash Hands.”
  • A street called Tamar Drive.  Does that mean “What happens on Tamar Drive stays on Tamar Drive?”  Who wants to LIVE there?
  • A billboard saying “Cheese: Bringing Families Together” — does cheese reconcile people no matter what or only after the smaller issues?
  • An “Adult Superstore” called Lion’s Den… I’m not sure that’s so eye-winkingly funny in the end.
  • A wooden Noah’s Ark playset, replete with a slide to get out of that pesky boat, hopefully before it hits the open seas

~ by Cary on April 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Weird and Wacky Road Trip Observations”

  1. i love it! esp the cheese sign. 🙂 we love roadtrips too. that’s so cool you made note of all these tidbits. glad you shared them!

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