Strangers of the Week: Tanya & Dorise

This time last year I was in Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.  I was wading in beignets and powdered sugar.  I even took a photo of a woman’s backside covered in powdered sugar as my “signature shot” of the moment (though in deference to that stranger’s privacy, I’ll not post that one).  I love that place.  Sugar love.

Cafe du Monde at Its Best

Anyway as my son and I were eating, we enjoyed a great duo playing on the sidewalk.  They’re called Tanya & Dorise.  Check them out:

We’re fans of the music and bought their CD, Street Takes, but that’s not why I’m remembering them as “strangers of the week” (a past week, mind you).  The reason for that was the serendipitous nature of meeting them then and there.

For my son and I were talking about his college choice, a place he’d been planning on heading a few months later for the first time.  And he was feeling shaky about it.  And no amount of mother-tongue was gonna solve the problem.  It was a time for listening and prayer (for who was I to know, anyway, whether he should go to that particular school… it’s just that that was the one he’d said yes to, and that was the only one he’d applied to).  So anyway… back to Tanya & Dorise.

They started talking to my boy/man when he went over to buy the CD.  And they noticed that he was wearing a shirt from said school.  And they — it just so happened; thank you God — had been invited on the strength of their street performances to visit that school sometime the year before… and it had rocked, they said.

Strangers.  They just might be messengers sent to you.  And it’s even better if they play amazing music too.

~ by Cary on April 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Strangers of the Week: Tanya & Dorise”

  1. Everyday miracles, that’s what I call that. I relate to this post for many reasons….One, I went to Cafe du Monde for the first time in Feb. and am still having dreams about the beignets. Two, I just sent my son to college for the first time in Sept., and three, I just love when the universe does our work for us. Oh, AND my son is a musician. So thanks for the inspiring words, and I will check out Tanya and Dorise.

  2. Yea, check them out. And I love the work you are doing on YOUR blog, about bullying. Everyone check it out. Important issue.

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