Garden & Gun and Damn Good Writing

I love reading.  I love reading somebody I didn’t know before and thinking, “Who is this guy?  The MAN CAN WRITE!” And that’s exactly what I said when I read a short piece in the April/May 2010 issue of Garden & Gun by Guy Martin.

The piece is about the Allman Brothers (yes, I’m a huge fan…) and their yearly Beacon Theater show in New York.  Guy Martin’s article is part of a feature on “My Secret Dixie Hideout: Four Southern writers prove that NYC has soul.”

Did you ever hear a better opening line than this:
“I am the lone Quentin Compson-esque traitor who left my cotton town in Alabama for the wicked North some four decades ago but who — in a departure from the Compson family narrative — never really got around to the suicide part.  New York was just too damn much fun.”

Gothic Southern family/Faulkner double reference, homage to New York… I’m tracking with Mr. Martin.  But mostly, I’m just celebrating the guy’s talent.  I like how he writes.  Check out the whole article in this displaced-Southerners-must-read magazine:

~ by Cary on April 27, 2010.

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