“Enemas and Animals” and an Invitation to a Non Sequitur Contest

Today I pulled out one of my many notebooks in which I jot down, usually while driving, ideas that I want to write about. (And I know I should write it as “ideas about which I want to write” but I don’t talk that way, and this blog is — let’s face it — built on vernacular).

So anyway, midway through the notebook is a scribbling: “Enemas or animals — ‘wonderful’.”  What does that mean?  Who can help me out?  Has there been something in the news that I’m forgetting about that I might have wanted to remember to muse upon (or “upon which I might have wanted to muse”)?

How about a contest.  Give me two non-sequitur words and I have to blog about it.  Interactive blogging.  And no fair saying “enemas and animals.”  There’s just nothing “wonderful!” about that combination.

Inaugural Non Sequitur Contest Illustration

~ by Cary on April 29, 2010.

3 Responses to ““Enemas and Animals” and an Invitation to a Non Sequitur Contest”

  1. How about “peacocks and avocados”? : )

    • Ok, I’ll work on it. Though I rather feel that I should have a required time limit and have to do it in something like 20 seconds — gut reaction. Stay tuned!

  2. It’s gotta be a reference to Jung’s “Animus and Anima” ideas, concerning the masculine part of a woman’s personality (animus) and the feminine part of a man’s personality (anima).

    I’ve been wondering for years if this ever showed up as a line by Tim Allen in the sitcom Home Improvement, and have googled the term “animals and enemas” (and “enemas and animals”) several times, but this is the first time I’ve gotten any relevant hits.

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