Which World Do You Want to Live in?

Today I was following a slow bus for a long time.  And it had an intriguing ad on the back, for an apartment complex called “Privacy World.”  The good news is that Privacy World is not too far from my home.  The bad news is that the folks on the Privacy World website aren’t entirely enthusiastic about it, nor does anyone explain there why it’s called “Privacy World.” That is unclear, even after extensive research (ok, 30 seconds on the site).

I also live within driving distance of Spa World (a luxury family spa) and Leisure World (a senior-living place heavy on recreation).

All of which got me thinking about what my ideal world would be.  Lots of intense conversation balanced with lots of time alone (Extrovert/Introvert World),  67 degrees and windy (today qualifies here in Perfect Weather World), lots of time spent exploring new neighborhoods (Endless New Neighborhood World), endless variety of food without any white flour, sugar, or white rice to tempt me into carb-diving (Food-o-Wonders-World), all my favorite people (It’s about Me World) and all my favorite flowers (Gerbera Zinnia Peony World).  You get the idea.

And yes, sometimes I’d visit Privacy World, Spa World and Leisure World.  But I’d return to MY World.

~ by Cary on May 6, 2010.

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