Postage Stamp Selection Stress

Can I admit something ridiculous?  When I go to the post office to buy stamps, I always want to impress the postal clerk. What is this about?  She (generally it’s a she) offers me a choice of stamps, and I have to reveal something about myself by my choice.  And none of them fit me exactly.  And it’s stressful.

Not choosing a particular stamp could indicate apathy for the cause pictured.  Excuse me… but I happen to be a breast cancer survivor; it’s not like I don’t care about the disease.  But pink ribbon stamps?  Call me cynical but  I just don’t think they do anything particularly for suffering women.

Maybe I should focus on support for kelp forests or purple heart recipients or simply the institution of marriage (or the wedding ring industry… which do the ring stamps promote — marriage or wearing rings?).  Or how can I pass up the chance to show my support for black heritage or for adopting a shelter pet?  What kind of jerk would say “I’m not interested”?

Holiday time is a no-brainer for me as a Christian (“Mary please”) though I often feel like I’m discriminating against other faiths by picking my own.  It reminds me of my sister who used to rotate sleeping with her stuffed animals each night so none of them would have their feelings hurt.  Buying stamps turns me into a people pleaser.

Sometimes it gets so stressful that I gravitate towards pure fluff — support of Katharine Hepburn (who is anything but fluffy but the support of her seems immune from controversy) or “pansies in a basket” or “cowboys of the silver screen.”

But I just can’t bring myself to buy flag stamps.  I do have standards.


~ by Cary on May 12, 2010.

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