Avocados and Peacocks… Non Sequitur Contest

Ok, thanks to my friend Whit, I have a challenge before me.  I suggested that someone throw out two random words and I’d try to create a blogpost with them.  Whit, who is deeply theologically attuned and smart and fun, has provided “avocado” and “peacock.”  Hmmm.


avocado (compliments of foodphotosite.com)

I feel like this should be a timed test that reveals something about me (specialist/generalist?, introvert/extrovert?) or that it could be a game show activity.  “Quick… name two things with circles on them.”

I could also talk about how there is a particular type of peacock (or “peafowl” rather, peacocks being male and peahens being female) called the African Congo Peafowl, which is of the genus “afropavo” which you must admit is remarkably close to “avocado.”

Instead, I think I’ll muse upon why I think Whit chose these two words.  Because Whit is receiving her dual degrees from seminary this weekend, I am going to guess that she subliminally chose these two words because of her theological knowledge.

Flannery O’Connor, fellow southerner, smart woman and Christian, is quoted on Whit’s Facebook page, and she collected peacocks (and included symbolism related to them in her work, I believe).  Whit has this gem on her page:

“Be properly scared and go on doing what you have to do.”  Amen to that!  O’Connor was clearly on Whit’s mind when she read my blogpost.

And I’m gonna imagine that the avocado reference is either a desire for some guacamole with her celebratory margaritas this weekend or that she was aware of an obscure blog I found when I googled “avocado” and “Christian symbolism” that convinced me that there’s no stinking way that the Garden of Eden had apples in it and that most likely Eve and Adam fell prey to a juicy mango, fig or — tada! — avocado.

So you too can have your Facebook page picked apart and scrutinized if you send me your choice of two words for my non sequitur contest.  Or maybe this has been enough fun for one millennium.

~ by Cary on May 14, 2010.

One Response to “Avocados and Peacocks… Non Sequitur Contest”

  1. Haha, love it! Thanks for this fun graduation present. Actually, you weren’t too far off with your speculation about the similarity in sound between avocado and the genus of peafowl. (By the way, being an evangelical woman in ministry, I appreciate your giving equal time to the female of the spe-shes!)

    I noticed that your original non-sequitur, animal and enema, sounded similar, with their first three syllables essentially being the same consonants with different vowels (anima- and enema-). I have learned in my decade of seminary education that in Hebrew one decides which vowels to supply by context. This means that in God’s language, aside from the terminal “l”, these words could be the same. And as you may know (especially if you listened to Amy Grant in the ’80s and know the song “El Shaddai”), the Hebrew word for God is “El.” Aka the Alpha and the Omega, or, as we’d say in English, from A to Z, a reference to the beginning and the end. In other words, the original and terminal El. Therefore I deduce that your note to yourself “Enemas or animals – wonderful!” was actually a cryptic and now forgotten reference to the ground of all being, the Wonderful One, Creator of both avocados and peafowl. And besides, I like the way your illustrations highlight that the avocado half and the peacock feather’s eye are the same shape. It’s an organic shape, even womb-like, I’d say. Which brings us back to births and origins. So now we have gone from the end to the beginning, in keeping with the Jewish, cyclical view of history. Which is a fine place for me to stop, because you’re probably getting tired as El of reading all this tomfoolery. (John Wimber is rumored to have said “I’m a fool for Christ. Whose fool are you?”) Enough fun for one millennium already!

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