Fun Field Trips on the Judgment Day Bus

Outside the zoo yesterday, I saw a minivan emblazoned with messages about the coming Judgment Day, on May 21, 2011. Yes, apparently we are coming up on the end of the world in one year and four days.  So we might as well — what? — go visit the prairie dog exhibit?

I’m not making light of someone’s spiritual beliefs.  I believe all sorts of things that other people think of as wacky.  In fact I even think some of what I believe sounds wacky.  I just can’t shake my experience of God; I know His presence, so I believe in spite of how odd some of Scripture sounds.  So I’m not interested in saying that someone’s wrong for believing whatever they believe.  Perhaps Scripture’s promised Judgment Day really will be upon us this time next year.

But what I want to reflect upon is what it’s like to go on vacation in a minivan proclaiming such dire news.  Such a vehicle would not be met with neutrality, would it?  Would you have an expectation that the folks inside would be lots of fun?  Are they living it up until they get within range of judgment?  OR are they living soberly, preparing themselves and the rest of us for eternal fire?

How do passersby react?  Are there some people who want to learn more… or are there more people who do NOT want to learn more and will avoid these folks at all costs?

I had enough curiosity to go home and google the website spelled out on the rear bumper, but I certainly didn’t hope to meet the people.  I didn’t think we’d simply kick back a couple of margaritas and have a flexible, mutually respectful tete-a-tete.

There’s just something about baring one’s beliefs on a huge vehicle.  Something seriously scares me about seeing a message of judgment and doom that I can spot half a mile away vs. getting to meet the people and have a nuanced conversation.

I drive a car that telegraphs a message, I’ll admit, of “This car is designed for fun.”  But I also hope it transmits, if anything, a sense of “You’re welcome to ride along.”

After all, I’m heading for the prairie dog exhibit.

~ by Cary on May 17, 2010.

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