Anything Goes — F-Bombs and Older Women

In every life there comes the moment when the aging person says, “What’s with these kids today?  They sure don’t act like my friends and I did when we were perfect young people.”  And I’m there.  Except for the perfect part.

I can sing a chorus of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes.”  Here are a few lines:

In olden days a glimpse of stocking
Was looked on as something shocking,
But now, God knows,
Anything Goes.

Good authors too who once knew better words,
Now only use four letter words
Writing prose, Anything Goes.

So here’s my tirade.  Whereas for a few years, there has been a chorus of the “F-word” everywhere, otherwise referred to as “the F-bomb,” now it’s not even a bomb.  Or a word.  It’s just conversation.

And I keep waiting for 20-year-old guys (or gals) to say — in the presence of older folks or even the elderly or even toddlers — “Oh, sorry.”  But no one does; no one seems to notice.

And today I read in the paper that there is a new television show called “$#*! My Dad Says.”  I quote here from The Washington Post television column about the show “… starring William Shatner as the outspoken father of an out-of-work writer who has moved back home.  The show is based on the Twitter feed of Hollywood writer Justin Halpern who, in fact, moved back home when he was unemployed and started tweeting his dad’s more outrageous comments.”

I’m not sure what sort of stuff Halpern’s father’s $#*! includes.  This could be a funny, clever show.  Or it could be a bleep-fest.  But you can find those in the streets.

And we old people (at least 49 and up) are wishing for the days before “anything went.”

My rule is one old-person blogpost per year.  This was mine.

~ by Cary on May 20, 2010.

7 Responses to “Anything Goes — F-Bombs and Older Women”

  1. Cary, I have had the same thoughts about the casual prevalence of the F-word these days in conversations where it never would have appeared 20-30 years ago. I remember when cr*p was a daring word! And don’t get me started on the visible underwear fashion trend! Yeah, I guess that means we are old now! And sorry, but I can’t resist noting my amusement at the name of the new show’s star. I have always thought that Mr. Shatner’s name sounded unfortunately like the past tense of cr*p! : )

  2. Ditto to the above comment! INcluding Shatner comments!! Well-written and frustrating subject. I always tell people who cuss around my kids they need to watch their language – “there are kids around” and hope they one day (before they have kids of their own) realize they’re living in an unaware state and maybe that could be looked at. But assume probably won’t be. Anyway, makes me feel better to make them feel bad about such stupidity!

  3. Cary, you forgot the old-person benediction: “Now, you kids get off my lawn!” 😉

    I’ve followed the “(Stuff) My Dad Says” Twitter feed for a while now, and it’s both clever AND a bleepfest.

    Part of the humor comes from the fact that this guy’s dad is, well, old, and we’re just not used to older people talking that way because when we were young they were our parents and modeled better behavior than that. Part of it comes from the fact that this guy is pretty much the crazy-world inverse of a loving, supportive dad. And part of it appeals to me in much the same way that the Three Stooges appeal to me, which is to say I suspect the show’s audience will skew male.

    I have no idea whether the show will be any good, and since I don’t watch any TV anymore that doesn’t have a Carolina Panther in it, I’m unlikely to find out.

    And I’m with you up to a point on the whole idea of foul language in the public sphere; I can work up a righteous rant with the worst of them, but I still try to keep my blog PG-13 for reasons besides the fact that my daughter can now find and read it. Besides not wanting to offend others gratuitously, I don’t want to overuse language so that it loses its sting.

    Why? Well, look around you: There’s a boatload of stuff that needs cussing at. Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Criminal banksters. Criminals in the Oval Office (of both parties — Obama’s wanting to assassinate U.S. citizens with drones is as much a crime as were Bush’s torture and warrantless wiretapping). To say nothing of hunger and lack of opportunity and all manner of gratuitous violation of the Second Great Commandment.

    You need the right language to address certain behavior. “Thou shalt not” is only a start, and for some stuff, the end lies well beyond the tolerance of the Federal Communications Commission.

    • So tell me (us) about your choice not to watch tv.

      Yea, the language does lose its sting; Cole Porter addressed that back a few years!

  4. Re TV: A time issue, mainly. What little free time I have, I spend reading, writing or on the Web, although I do watch the occasional “NCIS” re-run on USA while eating dinner. The last programs I watched regularly were “The West Wing,” which I drifted away from during its final season, “Six Feet Under,” which I stopped watching when our free HBO ran out, and “Joan of Arcadia,” which got canceled.

  5. […] when I admitted last week that each of us should limit such rants.  I had my first one with Anything Goes, F-Bombs and Older Women.  This is my second.  Menopause may be chasing me cause I am feeling the need to […]

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