Random Thoughts while on the Road

I was on a road trip yesterday, and I saw a few things that didn’t make sense to me or that got me wondering.  Which I love. I think best while occupied with driving.

Call me inflexible but I do not think I’d choose to ride around in a truck with window decals that celebrate both shooting and field-dressing deer and also the female body.  That juxtaposition creeps me out.

Why are teeth so often anthropomorphized in ads?  Do they seem friendly to people?  I disagree.

Who makes the decisions about dedicating roads to influential people?  What do I need to do to get a highway?

What do dental hygienists do at their conventions?

It would be fun to do a “Who would set foot in there? Tour” one day.

What’s with the proliferation of ads that cover entire cars?  The State Farm lady looked better in her picture, but smaller in person.  Wouldn’t that be bad to always be compared to your “good neighbor” picture?

Why do I turn down my music when I’m playing Dan Fogelberg and a car approaches and yet turn it up when I’m playing Earth, Wind & Fire?

What really happens in the pre-soak phase of a car wash?

What do all the Rolling Thunder people do when it’s not Memorial Day weekend?

What do YOU think about in the car?


~ by Cary on May 28, 2010.

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