Something for Everybody… Balloons Spread the Gospel?

I’m firmly committed to blogging about things I am for, not against.  So I’m going to simply say that “there’s something for everybody” on the internet, and I’m going to avoid linking to anything that I’m confused about lest I denigrate something that others find helpful

Today’s topic is balloon animals as a way to win souls.  Apparently there is a movement afoot wherein people do balloon sculptures with “Jesus Saves” or “God Love You” (stet) written on them as a way to gain converts.

Balloon Art

And there are rules for mission trips that are balloon-based ventures.  This is serious, people.  As I write there are airplanes with cargo holds full of latex flying over the Sahara desert, with eager balloon artists on board.

And when they land, they will rush to the plateaus and villages of Africa with Sharpies in hand and rules of engagement in mind.

It’s important to learn, in native language, how to say, “Danger! Don’t eat the balloons.”  It’s also critical to know that when you’re ready to move on, it’s better not to lie to the children and tell them you are out of balloons.  They will be on you like white on rice, going through your pockets and finding out that you are a big fat Christian liar.  It’s also advisable not to make balloons for the children before the sermon at worship time. The balloons will squeak too much and no one will hear the message.

A story is told, on one helpful site for missionaries doing balloon ministry, of a time when children were presented with a plan for salvation and asked if they wanted to “accept Jesus into their hearts.”  If they wanted to, they went to one room.  If they didn’t want to, they got a balloon animal.  Excuse me?  Are you serious?  Children had to choose eternal salvation or a balloon.  This is how it was presented: “We purposely gave them a tough choice, eternal life or a balloon animal.”

Most normal children would choose a balloon (this said by someone who takes eternal life quite seriously).

Finally, those encouraged to do balloon animal ministry will need to remember that balloons are only a tool, not the gospel itself.  I’m glad we cleared this up.


~ by Cary on May 30, 2010.

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