A World Tour beyond the Mundane

“Last night I had the strangest dream… I sailed away to China in a little rowboat to find ya.  You said you had to get your laundry clean,” wrote Matthew Wilder in this 80’s song (a fave of mine, I’ll admit, and a theme song for a particularly fun mother-son road trip back in 1997).  It was covered by a lot of people, and it’s called “Break My Stride.”

So I woke up singing it this morning when I did in fact have the strangest dream.  And instead of a little rowboat, I was on a colorful, rolling Viking sheep replete with about 10 long benches, much like a ride at an amusement park, perhaps one of the boats that floats through “It’s a Small, Small World” at Disney as parents want to shoot themselves in the head if the music doesn’t end.

Anyway, my ship was taking me on a world tour.  And I kept hoping it would stop so I could go to the bathroom.

Which made me think about “Break My Stride” and the constant need for tending to life’s mundane cycles of laundry, grooming, eating and such.  Oh and of course trips to the bathroom.

How much of life do we miss for fixating on logistics?  And if we don’t focus on them, do they generally work out anyway? How much travel do you do that’s all planned out (vs. seeing where you end up)?

I was listening to an audio version of Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” recently, and in it he bemoaned the fact that we often pray for “safety” when what we should pray for is that whatever should happen will happen to insure that we grow closer to God.  I loved that.

I’d like to have a life of adventure, of surrender to whatever God brings my way (with openness that helps me see it when it comes). I’d like to focus on the journey, not the bathroom trips needed nor the piles of dirty laundry smoldering in the trunk of the proverbial car.

Nobody’s Gonna Break My Stride!  Check out this video compliments of “Back to the 80’s and Youtube).  Love those 80s leotards and dance moves.

~ by Cary on June 3, 2010.

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