Sister Love, Venus & Serena

Encouragement is a powerful thing.  Almost as powerful as constant practice and well-honed muscles.

As the French Open fades into Wimbledon, I’m following my girls again.  I love Serena and Venus.

And last summer I got to watch them at the U.S. Open, from a close, close seat.  And it was a thrill.

What I noticed is that between every point, and occasionally between serves, they connected.  And it was always positive.  No, I could not tell what they were saying (though I tried to).  But the body language screamed, “Encouragement!”  They generally touched hands in a particular way; they radiated warmth and a sense of boosting the other up; they bounced off of each other like boomerangs.  It felt like, from observing, that the connection with each other sent them back to each of their parts of the court stronger, readier, and more likely to succeed.

Which they did.  And have done again this week.  I’m not saying it’s all from the sister love.  But it doesn’t hurt.

Encouragement between every bounce

~ by Cary on June 7, 2010.

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