Ghostwriting Love Missives for the Inarticulate and Busy

I don’t know about you but I always dreamed of a man who would… hire someone to woo me?  Hmmmm… not exactly.

Yet that’s what’s happening in matchmaking circles, on matchmaking websites.  Check out the story from the Washington Post. According to the article, entitled “Online dating assistants help the lonely and busy,” this is mostly a male phenomenon.

People hire ghostwriters to answer the responses they get to ads posted on matchmaking sites, with the idea being that any idiot (or hired writer) can entice the woman to the coffee shop with charm and wit, and that then the real applicant does the rest.

So what happens when the woman shows up, snowed by the witty repartee in the email exchange, and she is met with a man who burps, says “like” and “ummmm” every other word, and is generally inarticulate.  Will the email exchange trump reality?

Oh yea, it’s not the inarticulate who hire ghostwriters; it’s the exceptionally busy.  Excuse me but I would advise my single friends that any many too busy to set up a date with you is too busy to bother with.

And since some of them seem to think that they are doing everyone a favor by having their assistants or secretaries set up dates, I imagine these are the same men who will — later in life — ask their secretaries to figure out and buy whatever their wife would like for a present (and write her a card).

There’s something creepy to me about getting mail (especially on the romantic front) from someone who didn’t bother to write it himself.   Single women, eyes wide open please!   You deserve better than this.

post 6/1/10

~ by Cary on June 8, 2010.

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