Food Disguised as, Well, Food

Today I heard about a product called “cheeseburger sticks.”  And it got me to thinking about why we disguise food.  For a cheeseburger already has merits, fat and cheese among them.  Do people have to be convinced to eat them?

7-Eleven is the master of this.  Perhaps it’s because the only mechanism for cooking things there seems to be a rolling-rotator-hot-dog-a-thon (my name for it).

They recently advertised  “Go Go Taquitos” and “Burrito Rollers.”  Are these versions of tacos and burritos?  Why the extra verbage?  Why the new shapes?  Why not, I guess.

We all know “Big Gulps” are drinks.  But what are dino nuggets?  Are these designed to make kids like nuggets more (and was that a problem)?

I found a cool website that displays food that is disguised to look like other things.  My favorite is the tv dinner cupcakes, complete with drumsticks.

Ah, America.  Creativity reigns.  We dominate the world in this stuff.

~ by Cary on June 11, 2010.

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