Used-to-Be’s, Identity, and the Best is Yet to Come

Are you who you thought you’d be?  Are you who you used to be?  If not, are you more or less than you used to be?

Obviously (or hopefully obviously) we all hope to grow, to become better versions of our selves.  Biblically speaking, we move from “strength to strength.”

Yet there are also folks who pine away forever for what they used to be or what they used to have or do.  The good old days were better.  The glory days were in high school or college or the fraternity or when they were young and thin.  Or played baseball.  Or starred in the play.  Or dated “that guy.”  Or worked on Wall Street.

... but it's not too late!

Most of us have something that we used to do that was cool or that we were known for (Burping the alphabet was a skill for someone I know!).  But has it all been downhill since then?  Are we waiting and hoping that we’ll have a reprisal of a high school role or that someone will remember who we “used to be?”

I’m putting in a plug for “the best is yet to come.”  I like grey hair.  I like having it.  I like it when younger people assume I know something or have a little wisdom.  I hope I do.  Heaven knows I should by now.  Not just because I have put in the time on planet earth but because I value growth.  I know God is after something in our character (Christlikeness) and that we won’t get fully there or even close on earth… but that our lives and bumps and bruises and challenges aren’t accidental; they are taking us somewhere.  I’ve been on the road, and I hope I have something to show for it, something that occasionally can help out someone else too.

I’m not what I was, by the grace of God… and I’m not what I’ll become.  There’s hope yet.  Onward and upward.

~ by Cary on July 16, 2010.

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