The Embassidor (stet) of Chaos and Road Image

Last week I was driving around D.C. and I saw a truck emblazoned with “The Embassidor (stet) of Chaos” on the back window.  And it got me wondering just what sorts of images we like to project with our vehicles.  Does this fellow with the chaotic message want fellow drivers to watch out, assuming that his chaos rules the road, or is it a more general statement about his life — that he is “double trouble” or “a bad boy” or any such image that men sometimes (inexplicably) like to cultivate.

I heard that in Haiti, those with the most beautiful cars are considered the best drivers.

And Elvis sure had some snazzy vehicles, with gold records plastered in ’em.

I think my car screams “Fun” (maybe a little too loudly for sometimes I have to drive it to funerals and on real-life rounds).

What does your choice of car (and/or its accoutrements) say about you (and one option certainly is “I prefer to blend in.”)?



~ by Cary on July 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Embassidor (stet) of Chaos and Road Image”

  1. I just saw that “Embassidor of Chaos” tow truck this morning! And wondered if the owner realized how seriously misspelled it was.

    Insana, Washington DC

  2. Saw the tow truck this morning on 210. Snapped a picture and I thought the spelling was weird. Googled “embassidor” when I got to work, found your post.

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