Dream Jobs: What are the Themes in What You Love to Do?

What is your dream job?  I’ve been thinking about mine.  I don’t mean “I’d love to be a super-model.”  Cause I wouldn’t.  All that waiting for the camera, and hardly a cheeseburger in sight.

What I’m trying to get at are the themes underneath the “That looks like a cool job” musings.  As in “Why do you want to do what you want to do?”  Besides the money.  Or the family expectations.

Are there themes to the things that draw you?

I realized several years ago that much of what I love to do involves editing.  Yes, I love actual editing — people’s stories, my own writing.  And I love writing, cause then I get to edit it.  But also I love other forms of editing like:

  • thrift store shopping (culling through crap to find value; isn’t that editing?)
  • mentoring (listening for a theme in someone’s life; isn’t that editing?)
  • organizing things (isn’t that editing?)
  • teaching, speaking or creating curriculum (distilling lots of information on a subject down to a manageable lesson; isn’t that editing?)

So a theme in things I love to do is “editing.”

And lately I find myself jealous of school crossing guards.  The uniforms aren’t cute.  The money isn’t much, I’d bet.  But I love the idea of encouraging all the kids as they pass by, observing things about them that help me love them or pray for them or just be there to give a thumbs up on a downer-looking day.  I’m convinced that stranger-encounters, or encounters with people we don’t have “official” relationships with, are providential, important, influential and can be life-changing.  You don’t have to be a crossing guard to have such encounters, but it could be cool.

What do you like to do?  Is it your actual work or something you do in your “off hours?”  What are the themes?  What are you doing with them?

editing as a way of life

~ by Cary on July 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “Dream Jobs: What are the Themes in What You Love to Do?”

  1. Love this- Cary, you would be the best school crossing guard/cheerleader. Kids would remember you more than their actual teachers when they got to adulthood!

  2. I do think that the internet marketing can be something that will solve a lot of people trubles. First of all you can work from home and you can have a lot of time , ‘cos you don’t need to spend time in a car in the traffic waiting for the moment to get to your office or shop or whatever else….You take your time; you just work just to live to earn and send your songs to school, pay your mortgage etc… but you take your life back, you can maybe even stop making a job you hate…..isn’t it important?!?
    Think about that

  3. I lose something but I avoid a lot of confusion if I want to see people I go to a bar but I am to decide when and where, no one force me…If you want to know what I do , go to http://www.ourplanetlife.ws
    see you

  4. I love creating and exploring unknown, which is probably why I love writing fiction so much. The mind as the last great unexplored frontier. But I also love to draw, paint, construct and craft – all creative work. One day I’d love to make my living doing what I love. But right now, there’a mortgage to be paid and kids to feed… *sigh*.

    Enjoyed your blog post, by the way. Found it via the links WP put on my own post today.

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