Roses are Red, Spouses are Green

Do you ever think about how much green we look at — except in brown-outs, that is.  Seriously… there’s a lot of green out there.  I live on a busy street, yet the predominant view from my upstairs office window is green — grass, elms, dogwoods, bushes, more bushes, shrubs, plants, greenery!

And my theory is that God builds us, engineers us, creates us with a “green tolerance.”  I can’t imagine if we saw fuchsia all day that we wouldn’t beg for something else, or gold, or turquoise.  Think about it; we can handle a lot of green without complaining about it.

And marriage is the same way.  There are a lot of people out there in the world.  But once you’ve picked one, said “I do,” and settled in, you pretty much see green all the time.  And like it.  Yes there are the moments when you think, “What was I thinking?”  And then the next moment brings the opportunity to look in the mirror at YOU and say, “You’re no bargain either.  But mostly we human animals have the capacity to enjoy, spend time with, talk to, listen to and generally find endless engagement in being with one person.

I think it’s supernatural — like “green tolerance.”  What would we call it — spousal settledness?  Not too catchy.  But you get the idea… or perhaps have a better one.

~ by Cary on July 28, 2010.

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