Sylvester Was in My Yard; Now He’s on My Desk

I was cruising up the driveway with a load of hamburger buns and coffee filters.  And Sylvester caught my eye.  Just a red pebble on the driveway.  That’s all I saw.  And I immediately said, “Hi Sylvester.”

Which makes me strange.  I admit that.

But it also brought to mind the William Steig story, “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.”  Do you know it? I  read it 9,432,128 times to my children.  So when I see red pebbles, I think of that cute donkey who found a pebble that — when held — granted wishes.  And got him into trouble when he saw a lion, felt scared, and wished that he were a rock (to escape being eaten). And thus, he became a rock.  Which wasn’t ideal.

After several seasons passed, Sylvester’s grieving parents went on a picnic and sat upon Sylvester (unknowingly of course for he looked like the rock that he now was).  Luck would have it that the parents found the pebble that Sylvester had dropped in the process of losing his hands (hooves?) when he became said rock (since rocks don’t need or have hands). And they put the pebble on the big rock. And soon Sylvester wished he were himself again so he could enjoy his own grieving parents.  And thus, he was.

And they all lived happily ever after.

And the moral of this story?  Sometimes when you find a rock in your driveway, it’s more than a rock.  And sometimes when you really want something to happen, it does.  And if you read any story 9,432,128 times, it will become part of your reality.

And you will speak to imaginary donkeys.

~ by Cary on July 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sylvester Was in My Yard; Now He’s on My Desk”

  1. Hi Cary, I love Sylvester too! I’m trying to be patient and enjoy the board books while Basil’s attention span develops. But I am all too eager to introduce Sylvester and Dr.DeSoto and Gorky and Irene.
    Hooray for Wiliam Steig!

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