That Magic Feeling; You Never Know What It’ll Be or When You’ll Experience It

Too Much Information?

I ran across this at, of all places, Ephesus.  Somewhere I’d wanted to go all my life.  Fascinating.  Amazing to be where the apostle Paul taught.

And yet when I think of Ephesus I think of this sign as much as anything.  Isn’t that life?  Isn’t that travel?

One of my friends took her children to some glorious European city.  When they returned, I asked one of the boys what he loved most about the once-in-a-lifetime trip.  His answer?  “I loved it when we got to jump on the beds in the hotel room, AND we got to eat a candy bar from the minibar.”

I spent most of my 20s and then my 30s and 40s trying to create wonder and family memories and delight for my three children.  I took them to foreign countries, esoteric museums, parks, zoos, on every sort of adventure.  And when I recently asked what their favorite childhood memory was, they agreed that it was a night when … I wasn’t home!!!  Apparently bliss came in the form of tumbling on my bed (forbidden!) while listening to Kenny G.  Humbling to Disney-Momma.

Life happens.  Delight finds us.  Sometimes we can cross the world in search of it and find that the toilets are what we remember.  Other times it sneaks up and bites us on the ankle when we’re simply fixing dinner.


~ by Cary on July 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “That Magic Feeling; You Never Know What It’ll Be or When You’ll Experience It”

  1. Social conventions suggest that we should have set reactions to set stimuli — wonder and awe at Paris, enjoyment of a fancy restaurant, fun on vacation. It doesn’t leave much room for internet fiends who wouldn’t notice if they were in Paris or backwoods country, people who don’t like steak, and the very many people who find vacations stressful but a day off with nothing planned something to die for. 🙂

    And yeah, I’ve noticed too, children are especially good at reacting in their own ways. Cannot understand the toy industry, particularly for babies. A baby will ignore all of the new fabulous toys on his birthday and play with a dishtowel for hours!

    I’m sorry about your apparently ungrateful children (she joked)! That last paragraph was amazing, thank you. I’m off to go send it to a friend.

  2. Yep, give me a regular Tuesday over a special occasion anytime. Good point.

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