Stranger of the Week Revived

It’s a bad sign when I’m not reporting on “strangers of the week.”  It means that isolation has taken over and I’m under a pile of myself.  Come and get me (if you know me) and drag me out when I 1) don’t write and 2) don’t meet strangers.

Today I ventured out in search of provisions (we were out of xanthan gum and chocolate milk), and I met a guy in the cereal aisle.  A gen-u-ine stranger.  Since he worked there, he asked if he could help me.  I replied that since what I needed was simply to think, probably he could not do much for me.  He said he had enough trouble doing his own thinking.

And then he told me (after about 4.5 more seconds) that he has children but that he hasn’t seen them in years because his wife left him because he’s “too nice” and she took the kids with her when she left him for her lover.

Zap… stranger-ness gone.  We are now CONNECTED with a capital C.  In fact the whole word is capitalized, as you see.

I used to wish that a trip to the A&P or the Kroger, when I was a child, could be a quick in-and-out affair.  But NO, my mother had to listen to all the stories of all the check-out clerks.  I guess it’s hereditary, for it’s rare that I get in a stranger conversation that doesn’t end up with confession or tears.  Well, it’s not quite that dire, but close.

Anyway, I naturally expressed that this stranger’s wife is a JERK and that some woman will find him and be glad that he’s “too nice.”  At which point he told me that I look very young (which is not objectively true) and that my grey hair makes me look even younger.  And I thought maybe he was a tad “too nice,” but that’s beside the point.

And that hair pronouncement made my day.  But not as much as having another stranger encounter that turned into a conversation, right there on the fiber cereal aisle.

I’m not sure what brand I bought; I guess it doesn’t matter.  It probably wasn’t about the bran anyway.

~ by Cary on August 5, 2010.

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