What Hath God Wrought!

Today I sat for a few minutes and watched a man who is full of wonder.  This is a man who loves his job.

He is a gardener, in charge of three plots.  He sketches it all out in winter, planning an ever more glorious array every year. He plans and schemes and dreams, and then he plants and prunes and weeds. This year the main bed is purple and white.

Perhaps there are those who slow down and admire the glory.  Most people, from my observations, walk by without even a sideways glance.  But there are a few whom this master gardener lets in on the secrets, and they are the lucky ones.  I imagine he’d be glad to show anyone “what God hath wrought!”

Passion Flower (Passiflora)

I’ve learned a lot from him, and I have been watching the coming of the Passiflora, which open and close with the weather. Apparently they like shorter sun days and thus pop out for more of the day.  Today I saw them on my way into the building, somewhere I go often, after my friend the gardener showed me what they were doing today.  When I came out, I saw two more people with him.  They were being shown the beauteous blooms.  By the time I reached my car, someone else was oohing and aahing.

And I stopped and watched, with joy, for I was watching a grateful man, who loves his work, who knows he’s seeing miracles every day in interacting up close with God’s creation, who’s sharing the wonder of what he sees, so others can know the miracles, appreciate the beauty, and be as awestruck as he is.

It reminded me of a recent airport encounter I had as I waited for a flight to arrive.  A stranger from Sierra Leone reached over, shook my hand, and said as his opening line in what turned out to be a wonderful discussion of theology and an exchange of phone numbers, “The world is full of wonders, and most people miss them.”  To which I said, “I know.”

Today, my gardener friend saw to it that several of us didn’t miss the wonders of Passiflora and Salvia and Cosmos and … well I can’t name them all.  But they have touched me.


~ by Cary on September 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “What Hath God Wrought!”

  1. “Earth’s crammed with heaven,
    And every common bush afire with God;
    But only he who sees takes off his shoes –
    The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.”
    — Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    A favorite quotation.

  2. I usually catch your words via my email subscrition(which I highly recommend, everyone— see that box below?), but I just HAD to come to the site just to see the fantastic image. Worth it, Cary. Thanks for lugging your camera around. Add another person (lots of people?) to the number of oooh-ers and ahhhh-ers. Common grace for the common good. Feast your eyes.

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