Every Movie Leaves the Big Screen Eventually

Hoopla… searchlights… crowds… red carpet.  Opening night of a blockbuster movie.  Maybe it’s Sex and the City, and there are Cosmos offered at the theatre.  Groups of girlfriends have planned their “Girls Nights Out” and are all dolled up.

But a month later, the movie’s been moved to the auxiliary, small-screen theatre, an architectural afterthought to the big screen of the main movie house.  Or the big attraction has left town altogether.

Sure you can get it on DVD… but it’s a has-been as fast as you can say “Florence Henderson” (who actually has a pretty active career based on being a has-been, come to think of it).

Anyway, life is about change.  The stars of the U.S. Open become used to gracing the Seniors circuit.  The Seniors in high school graduate only to go on to be Freshmen somewhere (or to start their trades as apprentices at low pay).  The teenage beauties may stay beautiful, but then again they may have had their glory days early on.

We grow vegetables only to have their inedible parts composted and turned around to nurture other gardens.  We invest in generations behind us.

I got to thinking about where we find our role models and how much more inclined we are to look to Lady Gaga than Mother Teresa.  I’m a fan of both (for, obviously, different reasons) but I’m ultimately wanting to invest more and more of my life in the eternal, especially as — at midlife — I realize that I don’t have all the time in the world left here.  I want to do things that line up with God’s redemptive purposes.  I want to do things that only I can do (not that I’m uniquely qualified to save the world, mind you; I’m talking more about my opportunity to be the only wife/mother/friend that my husband and kids and closest friends have).

I want to look to God as my rock, as my ultimate source, not to the latest blockbuster that’s on the big screen tonight but that’ll be on DVD tomorrow.

~ by Cary on September 20, 2010.

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