It Takes All Kinds

Living in a biggish city, I love the variety of people that I encounter.  I once wrote about the melding of my various worlds in an article called Falafel or Tater Tots. In fact, I seem to write about Tater Tots fairly often, come to think of it.  But the point of that piece was how fun it is to have cross-pollination of the various worlds we inhabit, and I do love that.

So I got to thinking about juxtapositions among my nearest and dearest, something I think about often.  The fact is that within a week’s time:

  • I could have visitors who prefer  Bircher muesli and visitors who prefer Lucky Charms.
  • I could invite over the friends who grew up working in the fields in elementary school and those who counted their debutante year as the hardest work they’ve done.
  • I could host English professors and non-English-speakers.
  • I might spend time with a recent immigrant and then with those who don’t think there should be immigrants at all.
  • I could drink coffee with some James Dobson sort of folks and then have more coffee with some Jim Wallis types.
  • I might trade book suggestions with some current administration politicos and then get a few tips from Bush 41 connections.
  • I could host the crowd that wears Bulgari’s Pour Femme perfume and then people who are suspicious of deodorant with “active ingredients.”

    You never know what you'll encounter in any given day.

I love the infinite variety of people found in this world.  I love the variety found on any continent, in any country, in any state or region, in every city, in any neighborhood, up and down every street and — even — in any given family.  Never a dull moment.

~ by Cary on September 22, 2010.

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