Grateful from Where I Sit

I stop so often and think “Life is wonderful because of _______.”  And I love sharing those shout-outs.

Not that mine are anything special, per se.  But to encourage you to think about your own.  And to realize that the wonders of God are all around us and most of us miss them.  I know I do many days.  “Life’s a banquet, and most poor bastards are starving to death,” we heard in Mame.

Today my focus is on what it right in front of me.  Cause wonders abound.

Out my window I see butterflies, cardinals and several other grey-ish birds. I see squirrels burying nuts.  I see moms and kids walking puppies.  I see lots of green.  I see my car, which brings me joy and takes me places.

Inside my office I see books, books, books, treasures for me.  I see original art, some from flea markets, some from my own children.

I see 13 different translations of the Bible, in addition to commentaries, dictionaries, life-giving stuff.  I’m typing on a marvel of creativity, my MAC.  I have an iPod full of songs I love and audiobooks I’ve downloaded and several hundred sermons.

I have a bulletin board with things that amuse me or challenge me. I have photos of people I love.  I have a chair that is designed to help my back tolerate long stretches of sitting.  I have a closet full of notes (ideas for future projects, captured wisdom from great minds that have taught me).  I have walls painted by my husband, who took the trouble to do it twice when I didn’t love the first color.  I am grateful.

I have a recycling bin and a trash can and a glass of cold water.  I have a fan and a light.  These remind me of the most basic of things that I can take for granted but that, today, I am stopping to marvel over.

That’s a start.

~ by Cary on September 27, 2010.

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