Reno Makes Me Tired

It’s early in the morning as I write, and I’d just as soon go back to bed as be in Reno.  Everything screams “Last chance!” or “Desperate!” or “Exploitation!”  Lest I lose credibility by maintaining that “nothing good can come out of Reno,” I’ll admit I found a perfectly decent Holiday Inn Express and a good Mexican restaurant.  And the neon signs are pretty cool in and of themselves (beyond the messages they tout).

But what’s really getting to me this morning are the somehow cheerful signs for “Gentlemen’s Clubs” and “Adult Entertainment.”  Here’s what I want to know (theoretically, rhetorically):

  • What sort of accomplishments give someone “VIP” status at an adult club?
  • Why do women go through with the wedding when a man has a bachelor party at such a place?
  • Doesn’t it make you want to cry and scream to read that one such club employs “the sweetest girls in Reno?”  How is that determined in an interview?  And how long does it last?  And doesn’t it say something poignant that men would be drawn to “sweet” girls even as they come primarily because the girls are topless?
  • Why do we, collectively, pass by these signs and clubs as if this is normal and okay?  Why do we act as if adult entertainment is merely entertaining?

Oh, come Lord Jesus.


~ by Cary on October 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “Reno Makes Me Tired”

  1. seriously

  2. Just to give another side of Reno…..totally AGREE with what you saw from the outside of the bldgs. etc. It all does seem a bit seedy and is SO depressed economically; but we met some of the nicest cab drivers during our convention stay there in Sept. Men,who had served there country in Viet Nam during that ugly war, and just wanted to come home and live in peace in their former home town! We shared our financial blessing wit them.

    When we finally went into one of the bldgs for a dinner mtg, I was astounded to find the most amazing sight! The Ferrari-Carrano casino has a 4-5 story bldg, very plain, no neon signs on the outside, no blatant ‘oxymoronically named’ gentleman’s club advertisements……when inside the ceiling of this lg bldg. looks like the outside sky while floating in a hot air balloon at night!! Totally surreal! A true gift of art….Very tromp l’iel…. painted there! And one of the best restaurants was inside.

    I SO detest gambling and all that it brings…..I can actually feel the depressive spirits that reside in these casinos ready to invade and pounce on those unsuspecting folks that think gambling is ‘just a sport’ or cheap entertainment.

    So, I was pleased to find a small oasis of beauty inside and there is also a ‘ginormous’ replica of a silver mine inside that is reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! Quite stunning in its towering over the five restaurants and recalls by-gone days of new found wealth in NV.

    No wonder, Harry Reid, does not want to return to NV!

    And, yes, Jesus can not come soon enough! 🙂 Be safe on your travels, friend!

  3. Why do we pass by as if they are normal and okay?? Because for most people, they are. It’s so sad, so sad for everyone. Because everyone loses and suffers in those atmospheres.

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