Road Trip Superlatives

I’m in the middle of a LONG road trip around the country, although I’m technically on a hiatus from it until my beloved car is fixed.  But I’m staying in the road trip state of mind and considering my hometown as just one more stop on the journey.

So at this forced midpoint, I’m taking stock of what I’ve seen so far after almost a month on the road and thinking through the superlatives.  That word, “superlative,” always made me nervous because in high school the selection of the “senior superlatives” was a big deal and I feared I would be picked for something like “Most likely to amount to nothing,” whereas my own fate was far worse (I wasn’t picked for anything).

But it seems fairly harmless (and of no risk to anyone’s fragile ego) to name the superlatives of the highway, so here they are:

  • Best Motel Chain Breakfast: Holiday Inn Express cinnamon rolls
  • Worst Idea for Motel Chain Shampoo: Holiday Inn Express cinnamon roll smell
  • Prettiest Place (at least as seen from the interstate): Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
  • Best Sunrise: Fargo, North Dakota
  • Spot Most Likely to Have Me Praising God saying, and I quote, “You have got to be kidding me!!”: Whidbey Island, Washington
  • Best (Former) Stranger: Tow Truck Driver, Jeff, with whom I shared Red Bull and doughnuts as he made wise choices, cheerfully and kindly, while taking me a scenic route and sharing his life with me with an amazing vocabulary
  • Most Informative Trio I Met: Fred, Cindy and Patsy, the 18-wheel-truckers who told me a lot of tips about driving near trucks and generally educated me about life on the road for them
  • Weirdest Road Sign: “Leaving Apple Maggot Quarantine Area”
  • Strangest Food for the Setting: Gourmet pork rinds at Publican in Chicago
  • Biggest Regret: Not picking up a guy who needed a ride, whose face has haunted me since
  • Smartest Decision (?): Not picking up the guy who needed a ride, whose face has haunted me since
  • Worst Road Name: Bad Route Road
  • Best Meal: the “Sitka Sushi” sandwich at Northern Waters Smokehaus in Duluth, Minnesota
  • Happiest City Residents: Seattle people (They kept saying, “I came for _______ but I never wanted to leave.”)
  • Least Happy City Residents: Juarez, Mexico folks who can’t get to El Paso, Texas but stare at it all day
  • Saddest Thing I Saw:  a carwash being held to pay for a baby’s funeral
  • Most Commonly Seen Business in New Mexico: Dollar General
  • Best Restaurant Name(s) — a rare tie: LMNO-Pizza and Un-Pho-Gettable
  • and finally, the Event I’m Happiest to Have Missed:  the Testicle Festival in Clinton, Montana

It’s a big country.  Someone has to report on it.

You see it all....


~ by Cary on November 3, 2010.

6 Responses to “Road Trip Superlatives”

  1. I really want to hear more!!

  2. This is classic stuff!! I love this list. You should send to dad – he’ll love it!
    I agree with above….I want to hear more!

  3. […] irony, travel, blog posts: “Road trip”  … “superlatives”  … some iron there …   Road Trip Superlatives « Holy Vernacular. […]

  4. You are so funny and you are making me want to GO!
    Hometown? Are you in Atlanta??? Athens is soooo close and filled with good “blog” material. If you are anywhere in the vicinity, I want to see you!

    • Leslie, perhaps I’ll start a revolution of middle-aged women zooming around the country. We could have meet-ups. Fun. Oops on the hometown. I meant DC. I guess I’ve been here so long that I think of it that way now. That said, we do need a visit IN PERSON.

  5. Love the categories.!

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