License Plate Slogans, My Version

You know how states have a claim to fame printed as a catchphrase on their license plates?  Perhaps “Land of Enchantment” (New Mexico) or “Vacationland” (Maine).

Well I wrote my own version of the states I drove through on the first leg of my road trip.  Here they are (in the order my journey took me):

  • Maryland: “It’s Nice Enough; I Shouldn’t Take It for Granted”
  • District of Columbia: “I Wouldn’t Be in DC Right Now if I’d Gone the Right Direction out of My Driveway”
  • Pennsylvania: “Breezewood Coming up” or “Breezewood in Your Rearview Mirror”
  • Ohio: “Kitschy Gift Shops, Cute Frogs and Skeletal Salt Shakers”
  • Indiana: “Not that Memorable”
  • Illinois: “Chicago Houses Have Back Porches”
  • Wisconsin: “Cheese Matters”
  • Minnesota: “It’s All about the Ammo and the Bait”
  • North Dakota: “Pristine Bathrooms”
  • Montana: “Choose Meat not Meth”
  • Idaho: “Why Didn’t I Know about Coeur d’Alene?”
  • Washington: “I’m Not Leaving”
  • Oregon: “Fog, Runners and Coffee”
  • California (northern): “Fruit Growing in Rows”
  • Nevada (Reno at least): “Down on Our Luck”
  • Arizona… I flew over it; naming anything would be cheating.
  • New Mexico: “Red or Green?”
  • Colorado: “Microclimates Abound”
  • Texas (El Paso, anyway): “Right Side of the Tracks”

If I’ve slammed your state, invite me back to see what you love.  I know there are great things everywhere.


Only my perspective.



~ by Cary on November 4, 2010.

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