“Do People in Getaway Cars Stop at Scenic Overlooks?” and Other Questions Generated on the Road

  • Isn’t it cool that one motel housekeeper thinks, “If life gives you toilet paper, make toilet paper art?”

I hated to use it… but I did.

  • Do they not teach apostrophes in school any more?
  • What is an “emberger?”  (I still can’t figure it out.)
  • Are you hoping I’ll let you cut in front of me in traffic if your license plate reads “Sniper?” (I did.)
  • Does “Keller for Sheriff” refer to “Tim?” (I wish.)
  • Is “Asian Casino” code for anything or just, well, a casino that’s particularly appealing to Asians?
  • How many potatoes fall out of a truckload and does anyone eat them if they do?
  • Do people in getaway cars stop at scenic overlooks?
  • Was the “Smile” sign put up just for me?  (I was already smiling.)
  • Why do Americans love giant things (flags, rocking chairs, pine nuts) by the side of the road?

  • Why is the Dollar General store parking lot always full, even at 9 p.m. on Saturday?  Do people have sudden hankerings for plastic back-scratchers?
  • Is “Jiggles” a middle-aged woman’s strip club?
  • Would Route 66 still be visited without the song?

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

  • Is it to one’s advantage to have name, face and amount won plastered on a billboard in Reno?
  • Do pears from Harry & David taste better from the store in Medford or by mail nestled in the green foam?
  • Does everyone save the boxes to store Christmas ornaments?
  • Have you heard of a better name than “Geezers of Fury” for a cycling group of “older” men?
  • What percentage of customers use the front door vs. the “discreet back door” of an adult club (especially when the back door isn’t advertised til you get up close to the front door)?
  • Do you boat owners work to avoid “aquatic hitchhikers?”
  • How many people buy “Rocks and Stumps for Sale?
  • What percentage of visitors to Roswell, New Mexico come for the aliens?

  • What’s your favorite road trip song?

~ by Cary on November 6, 2010.

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