GPS as Spiritual Metaphor: It’s All about Me!

My trusty GPS has a setting (as I’m sure yours does) that determines which way my screen is oriented.  I can see my progress with North always at the top.  Or I can see my progress with the way I personally happen to be going always in front of me.

Certainly you can make a case for using either when you’re traveling, and if you are directionally challenged, it might be really handy to not have to visualize the map going in a different direction than the hood of your car is aimed.

But really… why is it always about me?  For  I make it so.  I really do.  When actually there is a True North, a guiding light, a direction to move in, for those who want to follow Jesus (and he wants us all).

There’s a way to orient to, instead of a map to turn to fit what we wanted to do or where we were headed anyway.  There’s a gentle voice to guide us (we can imagine it Australian English if we want to, I propose).  It’s all there for the following.

But we think our way is better.  Sometimes we can go pretty far without a problem, but at other times we may think we were headed North and find out we are in the Southern Hemisphere in which case we might hear that we need to be “RE-CAL-CU-LAT-ING.”

And then we can.  It’s never too late to reset the GPS.


~ by Cary on November 20, 2010.

One Response to “GPS as Spiritual Metaphor: It’s All about Me!”

  1. People understand the natural world in a more and more “relative” way. And that’s fine. It allows us to better understand the complexity and detail of the world. All in all, I think it’s a good thing.

    I think it’s a good thing, but it’s a bad thing when “educated people” denigrate people of the past for not understanding the world in the same way. For one thing, it’s always idiotic to criticize other ages for not being your age (and since we’re always complaining about our age, I find it hard to believe anyone really wants that). But even more importantly, I understand, as you do, that the spiritual world is not relative at all. It was much more important than humanity had “wrong” or “simple” ideas of the natural world for so long, if it gave them spiritual direction.

    Of course, as you suggest, since our scientific minds are getting more and more unfixed, less and less committed to true north, it will be easier for unthinking people to have even less spiritual insight than before. But plenty of people went their lives spiritually blind and adrift long before relativism was fashionable.

    All right, sorry to start expounding back at you, but it’s a form of gratitude, really — you made me think! And for that I thank you.

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