Thanksgiving News: Pilgrims, Waxing Bikini Lines and Dull Journalism Beats

Drumstick Fashion

I’m betting that the college intern gets to do the story in the newspaper about Thanksgiving travel.  Every year it says, “Be sure and leave early,” “Get out and stretch so you won’t get a blood clot in your legs,” “Get plenty of sleep the night before you drive,” “Keep a relaxed attitude,” and “The day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year.”

And then there are the food articles — “What’s a Vegan to Do?” (as if one meal centered around a bird will damage one’s psyche) and “How to Work Off All Those Calories” (hint: It’s just one meal; just don’t let it be the gateway drug that leads you into food comas for weeks to come).

And the advertising around Thanksgiving leans heavily on “I’m grateful” stories.  I just heard one in which a woman declared, “I’m so thankful I don’t have to wax my bikini line any more.”  What would the pilgrims think of waxing bikini lines?  It ranks right up there with gratitude for the harvest.

And in honor of the shoppers among my readers, I am posting my blog extra early today, so that you can see this scoop on Black Friday ads so you can chart out your shopping forays (except that you are already about 7 hours too late for some store openings).

I want news; I want novelty; I want Thanksgiving drama.  I heard a wonderful teaching this week from Richard Rohr and Ronald Rolheiser on “Adult Christianity and How to Get There.” In it one of them said that forgiveness is the only thing that is new; everything else is the same old story.  And I loved that.

So when everything is business as usual around Thanksgiving, imagine what could happen at family gatherings if old patterns were broken and forgiveness was the order of the day.

That’d be something to write about, advertise and celebrate.


~ by Cary on November 25, 2010.

One Response to “Thanksgiving News: Pilgrims, Waxing Bikini Lines and Dull Journalism Beats”

  1. Yes! Rohr and Rolheiser – two of my faves. Hope your day is wonderful and joy-filled. Love you.

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