One-Stop Shopping for the Picky and Deranged: Ebay’s Weird Stuff Category

Back in the earlyish days of eBay, I used to sell things for other people on commission. Which was novel and interesting at that time. So I got the chance to speak at my public library about the ins and outs of eBay sales. And it was fun to shock the crowd with lists of some of the items one could actually buy (or sell) in the “Weird Stuff” category (which is in fact broken down into “Slightly Unusual,” “Really Weird,” and “Totally Bizarre”). No, I’m not kidding.

So today, with a few last minute stocking stuffers still needed for my crew, I decided to see what bargains I might snag:

  • For $1 (opening bid… though of course it may skyrocket any minute), I could get a heart-shaped Cheerio.
  • For $100, I can get a heart-shaped Cape Cod potato chip (but don’t worry, 10% goes to charity, to a hunger relief organization no less).
  • For $12,350 (a nice, round number), I can get a share in a Nobel Peace Prize (most likely, but not guaranteed), that somehow benefits an LGBT Film Festival.

People, there are holiday shopping opportunities out there!  Don’t miss out!!

And these are the ones for which I had to dig a little. If your loved ones are thrilled by gifts that celebrate bodily functions and fluids, you won’t even have to search. You’ll be overwhelmed by the options as soon as you log on to eBay.

I’ve got to wrap up this post because I’ve got 23 minutes to decide if I’d like to spend $100 on an x-ray of a hip with a pin in it. A guy in West Virginia hopes to sell this vestigial record of a health problem from his childhood, as he has no money and this is all he has to sell. I have to say that this competes with Hemingway’s famous short story in six words, “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.”

There’s something so beautiful about what can emerge from internet community. There’s something so sad about people reaching out via internet for what they need or want, if those needs or longings go unmet. It’s hard to read that posting and not think of James 2:16 which says, “If one of you says to him, “Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?” How do we act as our brother’s keeper when brothers are everywhere, even in the Slightly Weird category on eBay?

I was just trying to snag a few bargains, and now I’m worrying about this man in West Virginia.  I’m going back to my bidding, though I won’t tell you which ones I’m bidding on.  I don’t want you to outbid me.

~ by Cary on December 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “One-Stop Shopping for the Picky and Deranged: Ebay’s Weird Stuff Category”

  1. Funny!! My Mom used to love Ebay. She’d buy something and say “I won! I won” And my Dad would say, “No, Gwen, you lost. You lost, lost, lost (your money).”

    Good to see you and your beautiful daughter today.

    • Loved having her come meet you all.

      Yes, “win” is definitely a misnomer… especially if one is prone to impulsive bidding, as I have been known to be.

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