The Twelve Joys of the Eighteenth Day of December

I’m supposed to be waxing poetic about candy canes and eggnog, if anything.   But since I’m a gal who prefers a regular Tuesday to any holiday, I’m waxing poetic (or just waxing) about the joy of regular things.

A few sources of joy so far today:

  • Randy Travis’ voice
  • Water so hot it turns my skin pink (and water so cold and fresh I can drink it from the sink)
  • Hearing live guitar downstairs in my house as I work upstairs
  • Watching an elderly person walk up to my door with a cane in the snow to deliver something to express gratitude to my spouse (yes, I feel guilty that I didn’t go help)
  • The sight of my collection of bowling pins and balls (with the piece de resistance being the ball that says “Flo” and really did belong to my friend Flo, who is super cool to have her own personalized bowling ball, which she no longer values as I do, since she sold it in a yard sale)
  • Having my favorite socks unexpectedly clean and available
  • Politics & Prose bookstore at the other end of my telephone line (my own personal Amazon) so I can buy books that friends suggest
  • Taramosalata and a (small) spoon
  • Buying beautiful paintings from my friend Christy and having them arrive by mail
  • Realizing that I don’t have to get dressed up for a whole week
  • Getting a call from my son who’s wandering SOHO, calling to say that he and his friends think I need to “get my butt up there” to New York
  • Getting another call from him saying he’d found MOMA (which was in question) and was now “in Chinatown eating dumplings”

Life’s good.

~ by Cary on December 18, 2010.

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