Museum of Idolatry — Who Knew?

Well, the internet never ceases to delight, challenge and amuse.  Today while googling “junk for Jesus” for a story about the holiness of offering choice to the poor, I came across this funny and depressing website:

The Museum of Idolatry: Articles of Apostasy

A cursory glance convinced me that you too need to know about the opportunities to buy Christian products of all stripes, so that the gospel can march forth to the ends of the (material) world.

Lest I throw stones, I need to admit that when I was in my legalistic, terrified-of-the-world-outside-the-Christian-bubble phase (a particularly charming phase if I do say so myself), one of my children asked if they could go to surfing camp.  I said, “If you can find a Christian surfing camp.”  What could I say when said child came up with “Walking on Water Surf Camps.”  I kid you not.

There’s a Christian version of anything you want.  Just check out the Museum of Idolatry site.  And order products to your heart’s content.

Unless you think it’s not WJWD (what Jesus would do).

In God we trust, more or less.



~ by Cary on January 17, 2011.

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