Postcard from God: What Would Yours Say?

Let’s suppose there’s something in your life that’s not perfect.  And let’s suppose that you got a postcard from God, or a postcard from the universe (or whoever it is you believe sends you postcards) addressing whatever makes it imperfect.

What would it say?

Of course it might say something that you couldn’t imagine.  God is like that.  In fact the prophet Jeremiah tell us that our hearts are deceitful… so it’s never entirely surprising to me when I find out that what I thought I needed was not at all what I needed, or what I thought I was hearing from God (or someone else) was not in fact what I was hearing at all.

But there are other times when we know something deep within us, but we haven’t let it out yet (out of our subconscious that is).

I learned a listening technique last year at a retreat.  It was powerful.  The premise was that when we have several minutes to just speak out loud about something we’re trying to sort out, without interruption, to a listening ear (ideally attached to a human being), we often can find an answer to our own dilemma when asked, “Out of everything you just said, what is most important?” and then “What do you plan to do about it?” We often know what we need to know and know what it is we need to do.  Whether we want to hear that, or are ready to act is another question.

So that’s where the postcard comes in.  What if you got a postcard that seemed to have been written to you by an empathetic friend, but then you realized it was intended for someone else.  Someone with your same last name.  And then you realized that the address was correct (yep, it’s your address), but that it was actually mailed 24 years ago and was just arriving now, right when you needed the same advice or encouragement that the intended recipient had apparently needed 24 years ago.

And then what if you traced the postcard back to its sender and recipient, and you connected with those people?  That’s what happened in this story in the New York Times that took my breath away.

I love the serendipitous nature of it.

And it leaves me wondering what it is that I should be preparing to act on.  What I need to know that’s only subconscious now, or just beginning to bubble up.  Or what it is God wants to tell me.  Even from my own mouth.  Or in my own mailbox.

And I’m wondering what your postcard says.


~ by Cary on April 1, 2011.

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