About Cary Umhau

Things don’t feel like they’ve happened until I write about them. I carry around notebooks and write down ideas and thoughts. When something bad happens, I almost immediately think, “This will make a good writing or speaking illustration.” In short, I’m an inveterate and addicted communicator. I write, speak and teach — everything from “Not Your Grandmother’s Bible Study” to presentations on Facebook, articles, Bible study curriculum, and this blog.

I love juxtapositions, banana pudding, Dave Brubeck, New York, my family, graffiti, cinderblock hallways of churches, road trips in my MINI Cooper, salmon, coffee visits, obedience, travel, Truman Capote, Dr. Seuss, Cole Porter, tomato sandwiches on squishy white bread, Harriet the Spy, zinnias, tap dancing, The Varsity in Atlanta, movies, flea markets, The Prince of Tides (book), Southern radio preachers’ voices (but not always their messages), boiled peanuts, rodeos, writing in my books, multitasking, Wasabi reunions, tater tots, Roz Chast cartoons, David Byrne and Talking Heads, forgiveness, redemption, and all that I know (so far) about God.

Cary Umhau (


4 Responses to “About Cary Umhau”

  1. It’s about time you included a page about yourself! Surely there are those cruisers in cyberspace who happen upon your blog and want to know the interesting woman who writes it! By the way, thanks for the b-day greetings! Love you, B.

  2. Cary, yo momma thinks you are one remarkable woman!!!!


  3. I was given your name as a possible retreat speaker…
    How can I get in touch with you about the possibility?!

  4. […] so, the 51-year-old grandmother — who, by her own admission, loves Dr. Seuss, banana pudding and road trips — plotted and planned for 12 years around an […]

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